Safety & Preparation 

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Riding


Various levels of terrain

Weather: difference between day and night temperatures

safety guidelines and adequate clothing- helmets!

wildlife and animals

first aid and medical care

permits, fees, necessary travel documents (area specific requirements)


Safety Gear and Accessories to Carry with You


ID with adequate visa stamps

Credit card, traveller’s checks, or other form of secure payment

Bike helmet

Cell phone


Translation device

Water bottle or canteen

First aid kit


Heat and Water Resources


Sun protection is required for all riders, especially during the hot months between March- October. Make sure you wear weather-appropriate clothing and bring enough sunscreen in order to avoid overheating and sunburn. The extreme temperatures, regularly over 40°C in the summer, require large amounts of water consumption. Be aware of the various locations for refuelling (within the section details you can see various facility information).


Difference between Experience Jordan (guided) and Non-Guided Tours


Guided and non-guided tours are very different, be aware that if you choose the latter you will need to arrange a first- aid kit and have knowledge of the various water resources available on the route, and any safety procedures should be your responsibility. Guided tours provide a support truck which will carry your belongings and take care of you during the entirety of your trip. We can also arrange homestays and local services for you which would ensure a unique experience.


First Aid Information


Riders who cycle through the trail without a guide should carry at all times a first aid kit and have full knowledge of what to do in case of an accident. Refer to our website for specific guidelines referring to medical care around the country.