Kerak to Wadi Hasa

Stage 9 of 15 - 50Km - Hard

51.5 Kilometres
40% Offroad

1,166m Ascent
1,576m Descent

1,291m Max Elevation

415m Min Elevation

4% Avg Grade

19.1% Max Grade

Estimated riding time: 6 – 7 hours
Challenge Level: Hard

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Starting in the center of the city of Kerak, this section passes through a major city, rural countryside, and then races downhill along the King’s Highway passing the Tanour Dam just outside of Kerak Governorate limits.

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Follow a short climb on city roads around the Kerak Crusader Castle, to a beautiful off-road portion. Here, the dirt trail is flat along the side of grassy canyons causing contained views with a new view around each corner.


Then around one of the corners there is a short steep hill where you will need to push your bike for around 15 minutes. At the top our support truck will be waiting for you if you join us on an accompanied trip.


After a short break to regain your energy, the trail continues uphill on rural roads past small farms with several sheep and family dogs. Upon reaching the top, the trail reaches a welcomed plateau for 10 km on a newly paved small road. Next, you reach a fun off-road section before a short steep hill where you will need to push you bike for a few minutes. Afterwards, start a long downhill, zooming along cars for 10 km and crossing the Tanour Dam, upon which you will have left Kerak Governorate and entered Tafila Governorate.

Physical & Technical Difficulty

Difficult – A mixture of long steep climbs and various track surfaces. Over 1,000m of ascent.  Some uphill on rugged terrain requiring rider to push bike. One short steep uphill section near the beginning where you will need to push your bike. No technical sections.

Things to See

Accommodation Options

  • Wild Camping


  • City amenities in Kerak and Tafila.

Additional Information

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