Northern Region

Region 1 of 3 - 229Km - Difficult / Very Difficult

229 Kilometres
54% Offroad

8,069m Ascent
7,598m Descent

1,081m Max Elevation

-222m Min Elevation

5% Avg Grade

21% Max Grade

Estimated riding time: ~ 35 hours
Challenge Level: Difficult / Very Difficult

Prev: None

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Cycling the Jordan Bike Trail from north to south, the trail starts at Um Qais, the ancient ruins of the Decapolis city overlooking the Sea of Galilee and passes through the beautifully green, mountainous and forested region of northwest Jordan.


This section of the trail contains a mixture of terrains, with all of the long climbs on roads and the descents often on dirt tracks. The route is hilly with lots of relatively small ascents and descents including the biggest single ascent (1200m) and descent (985m) of the entire trail. In the north, the trail passes numerous family farms, orchards, and forests- characteristic of the northwest corner of Jordan.


The northern region of the Jordan Bike Trail has the most climbing of any section of the trail, but it can be easily made into a series of very nice, easier rides by eliminating a few major climbs. This portion of the trail and northern Jordan in general has several amazing cycling routes including from Ajloun to the Zarqa River.


For groups that would like support and other cycling routes in the north, check the “plan a trip” or “contact us” tabs.



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