Southern Region

Region 3 of 3 - 255Km - Moderate / Difficult

255 Kilometres
Mixed terrain

5,052m Ascent
6,346m Descent

1,706m Max Elevation

4m Min Elevation

3% Avg Grade

11% Max Grade

Estimated riding time: ~ 31 hours
Challenge Level: Moderate / Difficult

Next: None

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Enjoy breathtaking views over the Jordan Valley, flat desert sands, majestic limestone mountains, and a long downhill to the Red Sea as you cycle past Petra, Wadi Rum, and Shobak Crusader Castle.


The southern region of the Jordan Bike Trail allows riders to visit several historic/touristic locations. In addition, this region is the flattest and easiest region of the trail. Again the landscape changes dramatically as you change regions, this time from several giant canyons and wadis to the more quintessential Middle Eastern desert landscape. Along this section, the terrain encompasses a mixture of roads, dirt tracks, and caravan-sand tracks.


For groups that would like support and other cycling routes in the south, check the “plan a trip” or “contact” tabs.



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