Wadi Hasa to Dana

Stage 10 of 15 - 51Km - Extreme

51 Kilometres
55% Offroad

1,862m Ascent
1,086m Descent

1,515m Max Elevation

522m Min Elevation

5% Avg Grade

16% Max Grade

Estimated riding time: 7 – 8 hours
Challenge Level: Extreme

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Starting with a major climb from Wadi Hasa, cycle through Tafila, past Ma’artan, curling along canyons to 1,500m in altitude, and then descend- finishing in Dana, a 500-year-old village situated on the edge of a natural gorge with stunning views.

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Unfortunately what goes down must come back up. Start day 10 of The Jordan Bike Trail along the highway for a climb of 1000 meters over 25 km. Upon reaching the top, depart the highway and pass through the city and Tafila Technical University. Then, continue cycling on mostly level paved roads before a decline into Ma’atan where there are accommodations, further down the hill, amongst village ruins and an Eco Village. From Ma’atan the path, with boulders all around, has mixed up and downs as it curls around the canyon over Wadi Labun.


Upon reaching the other side of the valley, the path cuts through the town of Basira. After passing Basira, there is a tough circuitous climb for 5km along the road before topping off at over 1,500m in altitude. At the top, the trail cuts off from the road through a forested patch and then along dirt track before the decline to Dana village.


Then, there is the most technical portion of the route that comes down through Dana Biological Reserve. From here you have a stunning view overlooking Dana Village, Wadi Dana, and Wadi Aqaba.

Physical & Technical Difficulty

Very Difficult – A mixture of long steep climbs and various track surfaces, with some more technical riding. Over 1,500m of ascent. Some uphill on rugged terrain requiring rider to push bike. One physically challenging long climb along the road and then one technically challenging downhill before Dana.

Things to See

Accommodation Options

  • Dana Village – Guesthouses and Ecocamps
  • Feynan- Feynan Ecolodge
    • Phone: 06 464 5580


  • City amenities available in Ais near Tafila Technical University
  • Shops for water and snacks in Ma’atan

Additional Information

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