Wadi Hidan to Wadi Mujib

Stage 7 of 15 - 38Km - Extreme

38 Kilometres
Mixed terrain

1,722m Ascent
1,428m Descent

833m Max Elevation

149m Min Elevation

6% Avg Grade

28% Max Grade

Estimated riding time: 6 – 7 hours
Challenge Level: Extreme

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After crossing the river, this route winds up along the side of the canyon and across the Dhiban plateau before descending off road to Wadi Mujib, crossing the Mujib River and beginning another climb.

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After crossing the river, the track winds along the side of the canyon, passing various Bedouin tents and farms. The route winds uphill on dirt tracks through agricultural land, before joining a smooth road for the long steep winding ascent up to the Dhiban plateau. Pause on the ascent to enjoy the views behind overlooking Wadi Hidan.


At the top, the route continues through the village of Al-Shaqeeq (pronounced “Shagayg”) along quiets roads. Continue cycling through the town of Dhiban to the village of Mathloutha at the edge of the canyon. From Mathloutha, the route begins the winding descent into the canyon. Initially the trail descends on smooth road with multiple switchbacks, before turning onto a dirt track that leads all the way down to the water. The final section reaching the water will require getting off the bike and walking through the water to a small melon farm. From the Mujib River, a winding jeep track ascends around 200m.

Physical & Technical Difficulty

Very Difficult – A mixture of long steep climbs and various track surfaces, with some more technical riding. Over 1,500m of ascent. Some uphill on rugged terrain requiring rider to push bike. Physically demanding incline beginning off-road before switching to road, followed by a more technical downhill, and then finishing with another very challenging climb on dirt track. This is possibly physically the most physically challenging section as well as the shortest.

Things to See

Accommodation Options


  • Closest stores in Faqua; small shop in Shuqeq, maybe small stores in Mathlutha

Additional Information

Optional Detour: On the Dhiban plateau head right paved roads and then dirt tracks towards the RSCN watchtower. From the RSCN lookout, at the very tip of the plateau enjoy amazing views from where you’ve come from round and down into Hidan; and also see what’s about to come, the dramatic Wadi Mujib Canyon to the south. From the dirt track, you can see the route descending into Mujib, and cutting across the canyon side, running east to west. Return from the RSCN lookout on the dirt track to the village of Mathloutha, at the edge of the canyon.

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