Wadi Mujib to Kerak

Stage 8 of 15 - 40Km - Extreme

39.6 Kilometres
60% Offroad

1,354m Ascent
875m Descent

1064m Max Elevation

474m Min Elevation

5% Avg Grade

31% Max Grade

Estimated riding time: 6 – 7 hours
Challenge Level: Extreme

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Day eight starts with a long climb, departs the Mujib Nature Reserve, and reenters civilization roughly paralleling the King’s Highway. The day ends with a long off-road downhill and uphill that brings you right to the center of Kerak.

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The trail then ascends steeply on a winding road up along the side of the canyon to the plateau. This landscape in this section may remind travelers of the Grand Canyon. This is the second biggest climb of the trail starting at sea level and topping off at 971m. in altitude.


After passing the crescent of the canyon, the trail departs the Mujib nature reserve through the small town of Faqqua. The trail begins to roughly parallel the King’s Highways past the small cities of Al Qaser, Rabba and on to Rakin. This is a good time to stock back up on fuel, food, etc.


After departing Rakin it is a good time check your bike before a long off-road downhill and then a climb into the center of Kerak. The city of Kerak was built around the largest Crusader castles in Jordan on top of a large hill with valleys on three sides. It is also a city with immense history and tradition causing some to refer to the area as the heartland of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Physical & Technical Difficulty

Difficult – Over 1,000m of ascent.  Some short sections where you will need to push your bike. No real technical sections, except some loose gravel on tracks. Some basic off-road mountain biking experience recommended. Some more technical off-roading at the end of the day descending before the city of Kerak. Finish with a physically challenging climb off-road, and a short section where you will need to push your bike.

Things to See

Accommodation Options


  • Shops for water and snacks in Al-Qaser & Rabba along the King’s HWY (Rt. 35), Rakin, and Kerak/li>
  • Restaurants, ATMs, and gas stations from Al-Qaser to Kerak

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