Wadi Zarqa to Fuheis / Carakale

Stage 4 of 15 - 44Km - Extreme

44 Kilometres
55% Offroad

1,823m Ascent
1,133m Descent

907m Max Elevation

-38m Min Elevation

6% Avg Grade

21% Max Grade

Estimated riding time: 7 – 8 hours
Challenge Level: Extreme

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Starting from the Zarqa River crossing, this day has two major climbs and cuts between the cities of Amman and Salt, before finishing with a welcomed reward at Carakale, Jordan’s first microbrewery in the city of Fuheis.

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After crossing a bridge over the Zarqa River, the route ascends about 800m on a long old road towards the towns of Subayhi and Alaan. During the ascent, the old road is lined with several large family farms, hilltop brush, and green pastures.


The trail continues eastward on paved road before heading south and turning onto an old mountain road through a rocky forest. This section passes one of several Bedouin camps along the trail and has a very green landscape during part of the year. Then, the route heads south on a nice track through the village of Rememeen and Al-Ashrafiyah.


After passing those two villages, the route ascends along a nice quiet road through the forest for 5 km. Then the trail turns onto main road for a steeper incline for 1 km before leveling off and crossing Salt highway near Al-Ahliyya University. Afterwards, the trail continues on road making it’s way around the head of the next valley through an upscale residential neighborhood on the outskirts of the Christian town of Fuheis. The day ends at Carakale Brewery, Jordan’s first microbrewery.

Physical & Technical Difficulty

Very Difficult – A mixture of long steep climbs and various track surfaces, with some more technical riding. Over 1,500m of ascent. Some uphill on rugged terrain requiring rider to push bike. One long incline along dirt track and then one long incline along road. No technical sections.

Things to See

Accommodation Options


  • Shops for water and snacks in Remeimeen & Fuhais
  • Bathrooms are available in restaurants and Mosques along the stage
  • ATM machines available in Fuhais
  • Meals at Zuwwadeh Restaurant

Additional Information

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