The Jordan Bike Trail is a 730km, mixed-surface bike route that crosses the entire length of the beautiful Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Starting from the North in Um Qais and ending in the Southern port of Aqaba, it passes through an impressive variety of historical and natural wonders. The trail begins with rolling hills, olive groves, and farms in the North; continues across the dramatic canyons of the Dead Sea region; meanders through the remarkable landscapes of Dana, Petra, and Wadi Rum – before finally splashing into the Red Sea.

Amazing trail, amazing people, incredible landscapes - very challenging, but worth every bit of hard work & sore legs!

There are a number of ways to experience the Jordan Bike Trail, from a fully supported trip without the need to carry any gear or reserve accommodation, to a minimalist bikepacker adventure, or anything in between. On this website, you can find a tour with the level of support you desire, or find out more about riding the trail independently here.

Northern Region

Central Region

Southern Region

WARNING – Riding from South to North

Please be aware, the route was specifically scouted and designed to be ridden from North to South. The uphill sections are on road, and the downhill or flat sections are on gravel/off-road where possible. We don’t recommend doing the route from South to North! Certain sections can be ridden south to north, but as an overall experience it’s not enjoyable.
Please be aware if you really want to ride from south to North it is NOT possible to enter Wadi Rum coming from Aqaba. There is a police check point where they allow cyclists/ vehicles to leave Wadi Rum, but not enter. If you’re moving north from the Red Sea, you will need to travel from Aqaba up the main highway and turn right at Rum Junction to enter Wadi Rum through the visitors entrance.