If you can, ride the whole route! If that’s not possible, here are some alternative ideas:


Karak to Aqaba

Stages 7-12


The southern half of the trail passes through the most stunning terrain of the whole route and also requires significantly less climbing than the first half of the route. It’s an ideal week-long trip, including a rest day in Petra.


Madaba to Karak

Stages 5&6


Challenge yourself on this 2-3 section of the Jordan Bike Trail, crossing three massive wadis in central Jordan—Wadi Zarqa Ma’in, Wadi Hidan, and Wadi Mujib. A big challenge, but the views are worth it.

Ma’tan to Petra

Stages 8&9


2 days that are less physically challenging, but still require climbing. From Ma’tan to Petra, you’ll see some of the most impressive views of the entire Jordan Bike Trail, while passing the Shobak Castle and ending at Petra.

Petra to Aqaba

Stages 10-12


2-3 days with less climbing than the rest of the route, but much more sand. Bring your fat bike, start from Petra and ride through the desert expanses of Wadi Rum on your way to Aqaba.


Dana or Shobak to Petra

Stages 8/9


Amazing views, incredible historical sites. What’s not to love!?

Rajif to Wadi Rum

Stages 9/10


Start from one of the highest points of the trail in Rajif and ride dirt roads with wonderful scenery all the way to Wadi Rum.

Dhiban to Karak

Stage 6


Test your fitness on the hardest, single day stage. After a massive climb out of Wadi Mujib, you’ve still got a big (and beautiful) climb into Karak, where you can finish the day by Karak’s impressive castle.