Off the Main Trail


There are plenty of great bike rides to choose from that don’t stick to the main Jordan Bike Trail. These are all excellent single day options for various types of riders – choose the route that looks the most intriguing, or try them all out to experience the incredible diversity of biking in Jordan! You can see detailed maps below the descriptions.



Az-Zara Road is a magnificent road with stunning vista views of the Dead Sea surrounded by unique geological formations. Begin at the Ma’in hot springs, pass along winding curves (be careful on the steep turns!) and lush greenery before descending to the Dead Sea where you can stay at the Sehatty Resort or the Mujib Chalets by the Wadi Mujib canyoning entrance.


Amir-Rasa  is an easy offroad track close to Amman. It starts at Iraq el Amir (check out the Iraq el Amir Women’s Cooperative for tea, handicrafts, and more before your ride) and then makes its way down past Kafrain lake before joining the Dead Sea highway with easy access to the lowest point on earth.


Wasfi Tel Loop is a wonderful single track route just north of Amman. Test your speed compared to others on Strava! Wasfi Tel Loop was developed by the BAT cyclists and other Jordanian and expatriate cyclists.


Tambi Trail is a short-but-fun off-road single track route open to most experience levels. It’s close to Amman, so makes for an easy day trip. Tambi Trail was developed by Tambi Jalouqa for teaching single track riding in Jordan.


The Nebo Climb is a road bike route, with a challenging climb starting at the Dead Sea –  or a great cruise going in the other direction starting from the historical site of Mount Nebo.


Desert Castles to Mujib Dam Cross Trail takes you laterally through the country on very simple jeep track, perpendicular to the main Jordan Bike Trail. You’ll start conveniently on the Desert Highway south of Amman, and cross through some breathtaking canyons in the less-explored areas of Jordan. The finishing point brings you to the Mujib Dam, close to Dhiban. If you want, you can continue all the way to the Dead Sea along Az-Zara Road for an epic day trip!


Little Petra to Wadi Araba (Namala Road) is an onroad experience that shouldn’t be skipped if you visit nearby Petra! The road was recently repaved, making it a safe and smooth ride all the way down to Wadi Araba in the Jordan Valley. Check out the unique café halfway down this epic, winding downhill. It’s somewhere between the quaint little farms and the spectacular rocky cliffs.


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